"An artistic production is genuine only when it transmits a new, even infinitesimal experience."

The very idea of L. Tolstoy is activated once again in the hands of an extremely talented young man at the hairdressing art.

Markos Efthimiou, born in the city of Lamia in 1981, finds fertile ground for blooming in the environment of a successful family business of Christina and Thanasis with dreams, aspirations and concerns, gifted with imagination and sensitivity, armed with originality and expressive power comes to remind us how in the world of entertainment but also sloppiness and market aesthetic, quality exists and resists.

At the age of 21 years ending with a grant from the National Scholarships Foundation the Coiffure National School and from the first quarter of study elicits the first gold medal at the World Hairdressing Festival of Iraq in 1999. This promising start is followed by trips, seminars, shows around the world and training at the school "TONI & GUY". That's it! From then begins a steady course in career development and action. The road opened for participation in national and world competitions leading in turn to a number of awards that satisfy his restless spirit.

First Place International Color Competition "INDOLA" 2007
First Place National Trend Vision Award "WELLA" 2007
First Place National Trend Vision Award "WELLA" 2008

In 2005, continuing a tradition of 26 years and building the estate was handed to him, on his own initiative and planning accordingly, converts the family business into a modern trendy hair salon that is a benchmark for the city of Lamia, Fthiotida and for Greece, after the salon was awarded in 2008 and 2011 as one of the top 100 salons in the world and in 2010 he became a member in the club of the best hairstylists in the world "INTERCOIFFURE MONDIAL".

Equipped with the principles and values of responsibility, seriousness, consistency and character, that both his parents steadily infused him and consistent quality of services and products, Marcos Efthimios serves the beauty that catalyzes the time, treats each client as unique and unrepeatable existence, createshairstyles that cause aesthetic emotions, cultivates the sense of beauty, symmetry and harmony by introducing the style ĞDa Marcoğ in the evening and bridal hairstyles.

The ability of this young man to create works in the female psyche in a way catalyst after his proposals operates as a form of relief for his clients, releasing them from internal pressures and tensions. Simultaneously the same passion and strength renewed, assimilating new influences, discovers street, makes prototyping, externalizes ideas, implements his vision, highlighting femininity, sensitivity, elegance, sophistication, grace, romance, delicacy, dynamism and playfully women who trust him.

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